First Week Eviction Nominations Shake Bigg Boss OTT Season 3: Shivani Kumari and Neeraj Goyat Face the Heat”


Bigg Boss OTT 3: Shivani Kumari, Neeraj Goyat get nominated for eviction in the first week

In a surprising turn of events, the much-anticipated reality show Bigg Boss OTT kicked off its third season with a dramatic twist. The first week of the show witnessed the nomination of two contestants for eviction – Shivani Kumari and Neeraj Goyat. The news has sent shockwaves through the Bigg Boss fandom, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the outcome of this intense battle for survival.

Just a few days into the show, the housemates were asked to nominate two contestants they believed were least deserving of staying in the Bigg Boss house. After a round of intense discussions, arguments, and strategic maneuvering, Shivani Kumari and Neeraj Goyat found themselves facing the threat of eviction.

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Shivani Kumari, Neeraj Goyat get nominated for eviction in the first week
Bigg Boss OTT 3: Shivani Kumari, Neeraj Goyat get nominated for eviction in the first week (image via filmybeat)

Shivani Kumari, a young and vibrant participant, has been making waves in the house with her strong personality and competitive spirit. Her ability to connect with fellow contestants and engage in entertaining conversations has made her a popular figure among the viewers. However, her recent conflicts with a few housemates might have played a role in her nomination.

On the other hand, Neeraj Goyat, a renowned boxer, has also found himself on the eviction list. Known for his determined attitude and disciplined approach, Neeraj has been an inspiration to many. His journey from the boxing ring to the Bigg Boss house has captivated the audience. However, his introverted nature and limited interactions with other contestants might have influenced the nomination.

The nominations have set the stage for a high-stakes battle between Shivani and Neeraj, as they now face the daunting task of winning the hearts and votes of the viewers. The eviction process will put their popularity to the test, as fans rally behind their favorite contestants to ensure their survival in the game.

It is worth mentioning that the first week of any reality show is crucial for contestants to establish their presence and form alliances. The nominations, although challenging, offer an opportunity for Shivani and Neeraj to showcase their true selves and win the support of the audience. The outcome of this eviction will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the dynamics within the Bigg Boss house.

As the days progress, tensions are expected to rise, strategies will be devised, and unexpected alliances may form. The viewers eagerly await the next episode to witness the unfolding drama and suspense surrounding the eviction process. The fate of Shivani Kumari and Neeraj Goyat, along with the future of Bigg Boss OTT, hangs in the balance.